Album: POPtrax, Vol. 13: Tropical Pop

  • Music by Piotr Pacyna, Krzysztof Rzeznicki, Brave Beats, John Starcluster, Shockwave-Sound.
  • 209 music files
  • 11 different main compositions
  • 24-bit & 16-bit
  • Stem files: Yes

Tags for this album:

Poptrax, Vol. 13: Tropical Pop


  • Piotr Pacyna – Future Summer Love – (ISRC: NOAV62103571)
  • Piotr Pacyna – The High Life – (ISRC: NOAV62200993)
  • Krzysztof Rzeznicki – Dream Vacation – (ISRC: NOAV62004826)
  • Brave Beats – Flashbacks of You – (ISRC: NOAV62202965)
  • Brave Beats – You Me And Summer – (ISRC: NOAV62202320)
  • John Starcluster – Beach Life Alpha – (ISRC: NOAV62005622)
  • John Starcluster – JoyToys – (ISRC: NOAV62005649)
  • John Starcluster – The Chillaxer – (ISRC: NOAV62005276)
  • John Starcluster – Tropic of Aries – (ISRC: NOAV62005694)
  • Shockwave-Sound – Make Me Feel – (ISRC: NOAV62200382)
  • Shockwave-Sound – Sugar Rush – (ISRC: NOAV62203691)

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