A music label and publishing company, developing high-quality, curated, carefully selected and recorded music in all genres. We represent more than 100 artists from all over the world, working independently or in collaboration to record amazing new music every week.

  • As of 2024, We have released about 12,000 tracks.
  • each track exists in multiple different versions, edits, cuts, loops, stingers, alternate mixes, stem files etc. All in all, we have some 80,000 music files in our catalogue.
  • The music spans all genres and styles.
  • Below are just a few examples of some recent releases

Technology & Innovation, Vol. 11

Monstericonic – Metaphysical Angels

Dark Cues, Vol. 11

Dominik Melzer – On Top of the Mountains

Vacations & Fun, Vol. 5

Romance & Beauty, Vol. 5

Our music is made and perfected for use in media — Here are just some of the applications for our royalty-free production music.

  • Music for Films / Movies
  • Music for YouTube
  • Music for Vimeo
  • Music for Corporate video
  • Music for Training programmes
  • Music for TV & Broadcast
  • Music for Instagram & Twitter
  • Music for Twitch
  • Music for Theatre and Stage
  • Music for Audiobooks
  • Music for Games and Apps
  • Music for Facebook videos
  • Music for Podcasts
  • Music for Yoga, Meditation & Wellness
  • Music for Movie Trailers
  • Music for Commercials
  • Music for Tik-Tok
  • Music for Websites
  • Music for Educational Use
  • Music for Sports footage
  • Music for Waiting rooms
  • Music for Telephone On-hold
  • Music just for listening and enjoying