Album: Testosterone, Vol. 7

  • Music by Piotr Pacyna, Krzysztof Rzeznicki, Felipe Adorno Vassao, Dan Morrissey, Wez Devine
  • 157 music files
  • 11 different main compositions
  • 24-bit & 16-bit
  • Stem files: Yes

Tags for this album:

Testosterone, Vol. 7


  • Piotr Pacyna – Aces High – (ISRC: NOAV62100011)
  • Piotr Pacyna – Max Torque – (ISRC: NOAV62200940)
  • Krzysztof Rzeznicki – Heavy Work – (ISRC: NOAV62100188)
  • Krzysztof Rzeznicki – Gameface – (ISRC: NOAV62100588)
  • Felipe Adorno Vassao – I Don’t Want Your Money – (ISRC: NOAV62005492)
  • Felipe Adorno Vassao – I Don’t Want Your Money – Instrumental – (ISRC: NOAV62005486)
  • Felipe Adorno Vassao – Ready For the Battle – (ISRC: NOAV62005493)
  • Dan Morrissey – Fangs And Fur – (ISRC: NOAV62004983)
  • Wez Devine – Rip Roar – (ISRC: NOAV62102039)
  • Wez Devine – Party Like a Rockstar – (ISRC: NOAV62100492)
  • Wez Devine – Cerberus – (ISRC: NOAV61406281)
  • Wez Devine – Bad Boys – (ISRC: NOAV62201308)

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