Album: Christmas Vibez, Vol. 7

  • Music by Bjørn Lynne, Shockwave-Sound, Dmitri Belichenko, Piotr Pacyna, John Starcluster, Krzysztof Rzeznicki.
  • 122 music files
  • 11 different main compositions
  • 24-bit & 16-bit
  • Stem files: Yes


Shockwave-Sound – A Festive Christmas
Piotr Pacyna – A Wonderful Christmas
Bjørn Lynne – Christmas Morning
Bjørn Lynne – Happy Journey Christmas Remix
Bjørn Lynne – Magnolia Street Christmas Remix
Dmitri Belichenko – Carol of the Bass
Dmitri Belichenko – Sugar Plum Giftbox
John Starcluster – Cheerful Seasons
John Starcluster – Fairy Dream Magic Christmas Remix
John Starcluster – Magical Moments
Krzysztof Rzeznicki – Graceful Simplicity Christmas Remix

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