Album:  Dominik Melzer – On Top of the Mountains

  • Music by Dominik Melzer
  • 28 music files
  • 14 different main compositions
  • 24-bit & 16-bit
  • Stem files: No

romantic, orchestral, peaceful, majestic, impressive, melodies, exhilarating, bright, drama, freedom, movement, inspiring, inspirational, optimism, optimistic, joy, joyful, possibilities, positive approach, bright future, innocent, texture, emotional, discovery, intense, intensity, heartwarming, grand, classical, regal, heroic, emotional, emotive, saga, journey, amazing, amazement, wonderment, wonder, big sky, great, amazed, glory, glorious, achievement, achieve, happy ending, happy end, cinematic, enchanting, gradual, serene, uplifting, crescendo, ethereal, graceful, yearning, lush, soaring, captivating, tender, harmonious, celestial, mesmerizing, cinematic brilliance, build-up, climax, tranquil, dreamy, neo-classical, neoclassical, neo classical, mystery, slowly, battle, fight, conflict, uprising, mysterious, crime, criminal, criminal investigation, thriller, tense, tension, powerful, epic, hero, heroes, grandeur, rousing, suspense, suspenseful, orchestra, hope, hopeful, heartening, loving, love, eternal love, romance, great love, greatness, proud, triumphant, magical, fantasy, emotional build, poignant, nostalgic, evocative, atmospheric, dreamlike, angelic, timeless, reflective, introspective, blissful, wondrous, gentle, intimate, delicate, trailer, energy, energetic, active, epic trailer, trailer track, battle, exciting, excited, high energy, dystopia, darkness, huge, gigantic, movie trailer, film trailer, activity, majesty, trailer music, strong, fantastic, thrilling, pride, nation, nations, patriotic, the blue danube, blue danube, an der schönen blauen donau, der schönen blauen donau, donau, positive, history, historical, Europe, European, heritage, Johann Strauß, Johann Strauss, Strauss, waltz, legend, legendary, lively, alive, well being, dancing, venerable, old, progress, happy, elated, flowing, uplifted, prestige, celebrative, celebrate, celebration, celebrating, success, successful, esteemed, honored, dignified, eminent, distinguished, prestigious