Album: Caleb Smedra – Dawn of an Empire

  • Music by Caleb Smedra.
  • 51 music files
  • 8 different main compositions
  • 24-bit & 16-bit
  • Stem files: Yes
Caleb Smedra - Dawn of an Empire


  • Caleb Smedra – Dawn of an Empire – (ISRC: NOAV62304268)
  • Caleb Smedra – Pagan Dance – (ISRC: NOAV62304293)
  • Caleb Smedra – A People United – (ISRC: NOAV62304261)
  • Caleb Smedra – The Ancient Temple – (ISRC: NOAV62304305)
  • Caleb Smedra – Fractured Orbit – (ISRC: NOAV62304280)
  • Caleb Smedra – Out of Time – (ISRC: NOAV62304286)
  • Caleb Smedra – Every Legend Has a Beginning – (ISRC: NOAV62304275)
  • Caleb Smedra – Sky Castles – (ISRC: NOAV62304299)

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